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The Procon system utilises either patented airborne sensors (microphones) which measure sound pressure waves in the furnace gas or metal structure borne sensors which monitor leaks as acoustic emissions which travel through the metal structure of the boiler or heat exchanger. Procon’s microphone has been shown to be 30-50 times more sensitive than competitive piezo-electric microphones. A very large logarithmic signal range of 60 dB (1000:1) ensures that the optimum resolution is used at all the signal levels and false or spurious alarms are never experienced. Procon sensors contain sound or vibration generating elements so that operators can dynamically test individual sensors channels as well as the entire system, on-line, from the control room.

A unique portable sound level calibrator is provided to enable each microphone channel to be set, accurately and repeatedly, to this common reference which greatly enhances the ability of the operator to predict the position of the leak inside the boiler.

Up to 96 signals channels, including 4-20 mA plant signals, may be input to the computer allowing fullest flexibility and permitting one computer to economically serve 4 or more boilers in one plant.